Visit to:Manual DuPont High School, Louisville, Kentucky

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Read on here on how The Makoko Dream story is inspiring High School students in Manual DuPont High School, Louisville, Kentucky to take a stand for greatness…. From Makoko to the World: The Gunz Journey.

Next Stop: Manual DuPont High School, Louisville, Kentucky, USA.

Speaking to over 70 Seniors of Manual DuPont High School in 3 Different Classes consecutively, was one highlight of my stay in US. However, when it is about sharing The Makoko Dream Story and her works, I am more than eager to speak on like never before.

I shared on the work we do at The Makoko Dream and why it was so. Many of them were shocked to know that good and qualitative Elementary Primary Education was not free in Nigeria. This revelation made them see how opportune they were and how they should never give in to excuses. It was a real wake up call for these Seniors in High School as they saw how much they can achieve if they can dream and act on it.
Furthermore, It was interesting to see the responsiveness of the students to the Geography/History/Political course of NIGERIA as being taught in the School by Tim Holman, their Instructor.
As a Nigerian, hearing Tim, an American, talk about Nigeria with so much passion, zeal, zest and gusto made me more proud of the nation Nigeria. I think, if Nigeria gets it right in leadership and etc, Africa as a Continent will be respected and reverred.
Till I write you again!

Warm Regards,
Emmanuel Agunze(The Makoko Prince)
Founder, The Makoko Dream
Lagos, Nigeria.

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