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October, 2019
in partnership with The Makoko Dream and several other partners in the Open Street Map was accomplished. Makoko Dream ladies were trained on the community action of mapping their community of Makoko and the environment. This will be a significant progression for the community of Makoko, which had not previously been mapped. It will increase visibility for Makoko, and will enable people to locate areas of the community they are trying to reach. One of the Key Areas that was mapped was The Floating Fish Market, where women in Makoko converge on their canoes in the middle of the Makoko Waterside. These brave women are wholesale distributors of the fish from Makoko, which goes far and wide in Lagos and areas in Nigeria. Other Key Areas were Wood Shops on Water, where Makoko settlers come to buy wood (Firewood) for both cooking and smoking of fish. In addition, major water sources, schools, religious institutions, health care centers, and recreational centers (bars and public spaces), were mapped.
It is hoped that this mapping exercise of Makoko will go a long way in bringing the necessary positive visibility for the development of Makoko community.

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