Meet Evelyn Walford, a High School student in Louisville Kentucky

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Stories, when shared, can Inspire change beyond your Wildest imaginations. Read more… Meet Evelyn Walford, a High School student in Louisville Kentucky who got inspired by Angela @angedutton for her drive to come to Makoko, Lagos, Nigeria in May-June 2019 when she shared her story.
Evelyn,(Far left) is a Senior at Manual DuPont High School, @manual_spirit Louisville, Kentucky, USA. She wants to be a Teacher.
She was thrilled to know about the story of The #MakokoDream School children as shared by our Founder, Emmanuel Agunze, @emmanuelagunze. She was more thrilled to know that Angela(Next to Evelyn) was brave enough to come all by her self to #Makoko The #VeniceofAfrica in May-June 2019.
To her, this is an opportunity to realize how opportuned she is to be able to get education for free in the US as against what was being experienced in Nigeria. This made her see the wake up call to act on her dreams and not give any excuses.

Mr Farmer, (2nd from the Right) The Principal of the School was more appreciative of the work we do at The Makoko Dream, labelling it a ‘Noble work’. More details on how the Class went will be shared soon.

The Makoko Dream…One Touch…Many Lives.

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