March, 2019 – The Third School Bus Canoe is Completed


The third school bus canoe was completed, which will enable 15 more children to be transported to school, free of charge. The background behind the need for the more canoes is as follows. 


When The Makoko Dream (TMD) did the first two school bus canoes for The Makoko Dream School 1 on water (The Makoko Dream Assembly of Royalty), it was to see more children in school. Within a year, 95 more children had joined. attendance rose from 105 to 200 from February 1st, 2017 to November 17, 2017).

This pushed TMD to start another school on land so there would be no need for additional canoes. However, many new children on the water came to the school on land. With almost 250 students in The Makoko Dream School 2 on land (The Makoko Dream Kingdom Royalty Academy), as many as 90 of that total number came to school from the waterside. It was a huge dilemma and was fast becoming an urgent need.

The huge amount spent on paying daily taxi canoes was quite alarming. The cost was 100 naira to and from daily for one child, multiplied by 90 children. The need for a third canoe and the first school bus for the school on land became pressing. This one can take 15 children comfortably to and from school free of charge.

With this canoe, six trips daily are needed to transport all 90 children to school. Children who are ready as early as 6.45am or 7am go on the first batch because school starts at 8am. For these children, this is their daily routine.

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