List of Accomplishments



The Makoko Dream

List of Accomplishments

February, 2019 – Launch of the 2,000 Naira Challenge to encourage potential donors to sponsor a child in school.  For 2,000 Naira, a sponsor can cover school expenses for one month for a Makoko child.  The goal is to have as many Makoko children in school as possible.  The other care of the children like uniforms, school bags, etc., will be borne by The Makoko Dream Foundation.

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February, 2019 – Over 20 Makoko girls were educated by the Community Health Social Service (CHSS), on how to stay clean and healthy, and utilize sanitary pads. Questions regarding their period, and how to calculate it in anticipation for proper care were answered. At the end of the training, they had their palms stamped as Ambassadors, who will take a stand for educating other girls in their community.

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February, 2019 – A partner of The Makoko Dream threw a party for the Makoko Dream School children, to celebrate their son’s one-year birthday. They provided food, water, and drinks; and, they donated a Marker Board for the School and made 22 benches. The birthday party was also a means to reach out to parents who were nursing mothers, who received Vitamin C and multivitamin syrup for their babies. 

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February, 2019 – Upon learning that a female student who had recently entered into senior secondary school was sitting on the floor, arrangements were made to obtain a table and chair for her.

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January, 2019 – Benches were obtained to enable aid The Makoko Dream School children to sit comfortably on seats, rather than on the bare floor.

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January, 2019 – 100 School Bags were given to the Makoko Dream School2- The Makoko Dream Kingdom Royalty Academy. Last year, uniforms were provided for 160 students, and school bags were obtained for just 110 of the 160. Now, the remaining 50 of the 160 were given FREE school bags and 50 new intakes were also given school bags and exercise books. Thanks to Feed For Life Foundation for making this a reality for these children. That makes a total of 210 Bags done within August 2018 and January 2019 alone.

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January, 2019 – With assistance from the Womens Economic and Leadership Technological Initiative (WELTI), two young girls who finished junior secondary school and were on the verge of dropping out were provided with new school materials, bags, shoes, uniforms, sports wear, and every other thing a female child would need academically, emotionally and financially to thrive at senior secondary school. If these girls had not continued in school, they would likely have been married away or become someone’s house maid or servant.

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January, 2019 – An additional 40 children were enrolled in the Makoko Dream School 2-The Makoko Dream Kingdom Royalty Academy, which brings the total enrollment for that school to 200; the total number for both schools is 400. These children are determined to change the status quo of their environment. They are ready to be educated and become great in life. Three more school hubs (of 200 each) will bring the total enrollment to 1000, which is the goal.

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January, 2019 – The BBC London made a courtesy visit to the Makoko Dream School for a documentary they were working on.  The Makoko Dream girls, alongside several other girls from Makoko were told of the importance of girl-child education.

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January, 2019 – Developed and published a “GoFundMe” page, designed to raise money for various Makoko Dream projects, and to be able to target potential donors in the USA.  For US citizens, making donations via GoFundMe is much more streamlined than trying to use various other avenues to transfer US dollars. Since Nigerian citizens are not able to initiate GoFundMe campaigns, we reached out to a partner in the USA to accomplish this task.

January, 2019 – The Liter of Light Nigeria Gbagada Solar Street Light project was a huge success. About 21 youths, who before January, 2019 had not heard of Solar Street Light technology, not only got trained on this, but also made street lights for their community. Taught and led by the Liter of Light Nigeria Team, the Gbagada youths made a total of 10 Solar Street Lights and with this, their community was made brand new. The participants also got certificates of recognition for their competence on Solar Street Light installation and assembly.

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December, 2018 – Won the Chris Ogunbanjo Foundation Gift of Light award for impact in a slum community in Africa, with another Solar Light given to our First School, The Makoko Dream, Assembly of God, Makoko Waterside; we added a TV for that school as well. This resulted in about 350 children having access to constant light in school and the teachers being able to charge their phones as well.

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December, 2018 – Successfully carried out a Christmas party for more than 200 children; each one collected gifts that were donated by several donors and partners. Christmas gifts were given to 15 Teachers/Volunteers and so much more. This was all done debt-free.

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December, 2018 – Empowered 12 women on Bead-Making and gave the best some Christmas gifts. In addition, 26 women and two men also received Christmas bonuses, making a total of 40 homes we reached out to, with a ripple effect of more than 120 people reached out to (1 family for 3 other family members).

August, 2018 – Started another school in Makoko. This time on land, it is called The Makoko Dream Kingdom Royalty Academy, is a tuition-free nursery and primary school in Makoko. Here, 155 children who were not in school by July 2018, were given a ray of hope of a brighter future by being educated and in school. We did free uniforms for ALL of the 155 children and got school bags for 110 of them. We also got exercise books, textbooks, chairs, benches and Marker boards for the school. Lastly, we got Solar Light, TV, fan, etc., for the school. This was apart from the several fee feeding days that were done randomly as God blessed us.

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August, 2018 – Empowered 22 Makoko youths and 15 Ajegunle youths on Solar Light training.

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August, 2018 – Started our female students in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Project. As a result, the BBC in London reached out to us to do a documentary.

June to August, 2018 – Founder, Emmanuel Agunze completed The Mandela Washington Fellowship in Indiana, US. (

May, 2018 – Children’s day celebration with a Movie Night and several book donations.

March, 2018 – To celebrate two years, the Makoko Dream visited over three schools on water in Makoko who still used Wooden Slates and reached out to 300 children with free exercise books to replace their Wooden Slates. 

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February, 2018 – The Makoko Dream spread love to 200 children in the Valentine Love Outreach as a way to show solidarity with school children.

January, 2018 – The Makoko Dream extended her tentacles to other schools on water and gave 30 children free exercise books. 

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December, 2017 – 1400 children were reached out to in the Makoko Dream Christmas Party tagged ‘1000 Ways to Love’. This was done from 20th December to 24th December, 2017.

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November, 2017 – Three Makoko Youths were taken to Covenant University for the Centre for Entrepreneurial Developmental Studies (CEDS) Exercise organized by the school. This was an all-expense paid trip. Here, these three learned the business of Fish Farming, as well as other skills like Bag-Making, Shoe-Making and Soap-Making.

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October, 2017 – The Makoko Dream, via her founder, Emmanuel Agunze, was nominated for the Prestigious Nelson Mandela Innovation Awards as a Youth Activist for his role in creating change in his local community.

September, 2017 – Wear a Child Campaign where the Children were sewn uniforms for FREE with school bags. About 120 children got uniforms while the rest 80 got sport wears in replacement of the School uniforms and 150 of the 200 got FREE School bags as well. 

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March, 2017 to August, 2017 – Stabilizing of students in school. By September 2017, there were about 200 children. 

February, 2017 – Made the First ‘School Bus’ on water in Slum communities in Venice of Africa (Makoko), ie a customised canoe for taking the Makoko Dream School children to and from school free of charge. Within two months of commission, the school shot up to 150 children. This meant 45 children were encouraged to be in school via the ‘School Bus’ initiative.

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January, 2017- Took 10 of the best Children across all classes, who have lived all their lives on water, on an all-expense paid excursion to Covenant University, a foremost private University in Nigeria, for a change of scenery.

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November, 2016 –  Adoption of the School on Water, known as The Makoko Dream, Assembly of Royalty, Makoko Waterside. There were 105 children when we started. Now we have about 200 children in this school.

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